2013 Winners

Outstanding Volunteer Project Award 2013


Winner: Global Vision International (GVI) – Project: GVI Fiji

The award for The Outstanding Volunteer Project of the Year goes to a project that assists remote and under-resourced communities in creating sustainable infrastructure in response to growing pressures from development and climate change in Fiji.

The project particularly impressed with its involvement of 500 volunteers and over half a million litres of water capacity added across 10 villages on 5 islands.

International volunteers and those from Fiji continue to contribute to this program through active involvement in local NGOs and volunteer groups.




The STAY WYSE Green Initiative Award 2013



Winner: Casa Gracia Hostel, Barcelona

Casa Gracia Hostel’s project integrated Energy, Environmental and Green policies. Their achievements include installing 50 solar panels, motion sensor lighting and card activated electricity, use of low-flow water regulators, re-use of towels, full recycling programme and paperless checkout plus a number of other campaigns.




Best B2B Tech Product 2013


Winner: Dolphin Dynamics

 Dolphin Dynamics is an online booking technology solution used by 12,000 travel professionals in 26 countries. A flexible and modular design makes it adaptable to specialist student and youth travel organisations. To service the student market, extra functionality has been developed including Ticket Verification, SATA tickets and the ability to integrate with ISIC issuing systems.




WYSE Work Abroad “Expand Your Horizons” Video Contest 2013



Winner: “My Californian Summer 2013” by Junica Ane M. Mercado and sending organization First Place

Watch the video




WYSE Awards for Social responsibility 2013

World Nomads logo

Winner: World Nomad’s Footprints Network

World Nomad is an organisation which, from its inception, has been committed to promoting responsibility as an essential adjunct to youth travel. Harnessing an online philanthropy platform, this scheme has funded 99 projects in 29 countries to date. It has collected $1.75m from over 700,000 donations. It has provided 700 sight-saving surgeries and 3,000 pairs of glasses. It has helped to repair primary schools and trained 1500 teachers. The programme has installed water sanitation in schools and trained farmers in new agricultural methods.  Take a look to their website here.




App Yap Award 2013


Winner: Track My Life

Track my Life is designed for the person who wants to keep track of their trips, their travels and even their everyday movements. This app collects your data and provides answers to questions like: how much time do I spend at home, at work or on my way to work? How much do I travel and to where? It is easy to use and provides quantifiable information including distances travelled, locations, cities and countries visited and time spent in each location.




The WYSE Travel Confederation Innovation in Marketing Award 2016


Winner: Hostelling International for ‘The Big Blog Exchange’

The winning campaign generated half a million page-views and 126,000 unique visitors, engaged with 1,173 bloggers from 72 countries and obtained 27,000 likes on Facebook and conjured up an equivalent of three quarters of a million dollars of advertising revenue.




The WYSE Travel Confederation Extraordinary Experience Award 2013 AAG_Logo_lightblue_final

 Winner: Lucas Santos and Alliance Abroad

Lucas Santos is a young man from Brazil who went to the United States as a Summer Work Travel participant. Born without his left hand and most of his arm, Lucas pursued his dream of visiting the United States to experience American culture first-hand. After being denied participation in an au-pair program because he was considered “special needs”, Lucas’s persistence and determination paid off. Through an opportunity provided by Alliance Abroad Group, Lucas interviewed for a lifeguard position offered under the J-1 Work & Travel program. He landed a position with Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park located in the Wisconsin. Watch Lucas Santos – Born this way