Something extraordinary?

16 July 2014
16 Jul 2014 -


Will your organisation be an Extraordinary Experience winner?

Sometimes it is valuable to take a step back from our everyday activities and recognise the value and the importance of what the youth travel industry achieves and the difference we can make to the lives of young people; to reflect on the broader goals of youth travel and cultural exchange.

Each year, the Extraordinary Experience Award is presented jointly to a young person who has accomplished remarkable achievements and to the youth travel organisation that organised the experience.

A little bit about last year’s winner:

Born without his left hand and most of his arm, Lucas, a Brazilian student, pursued his dream of visiting the United States to experience American culture first-hand. After being denied participation in an Au Pair program because he was considered ‘special needs’, Lucas’s persistence and determination paid off. Through an opportunity provided by Alliance Abroad Group, Lucas interviewed for a lifeguard position offered under the J-1 Work & Travel program. He landed a position with Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark located in the Wisconsin and was so successful that he earned recognition as lifeguard of the month during his stay.

Has your organisation been instrumental in helping a young person to do something extraordinary? Have you helped a participant to realise their dreams? Now is the time to get in touch and to enter for this special award.

The entry process is simple and can be carried out online at the GYTA website.

So, do you think you have a chance? On September 26th at WYSTC in Dublin, one organisation will be proudly collecting the biggest award of the night. Could that be you?


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