The Social Responsibility Award – Recognition for your projects

05 August 2014
5 Aug 2014 -

One of the most remarkable and distinctive features of the youth travel industry is the enormous amount of time and energy it devotes to social and charitable projects.

It is not always properly recognised that in addition to creating volunteer, work, study and Au-Pair programmes, all of which are positive and valuable in their own right, many travel companies go further and initiate projects which give back to local communities and those in the destinations they work with.

It is with this in mind that the Global Youth Travel Awards (GYTAs) includes a category for Social Responsibility.

Is your organisation also involved in charitable, non-commercial activities? This might include efforts in sustainability, business ethics, best practices, development or activities such as sponsorship of a local charity, running a not-for-profit initiative or even a full-scale Corporate and Social Responsibility programme.

If so, we want to hear your story.

Last year’s shortlist included World Nomads, which sponsors development projects in the third world, CCI Greenheart’s environmental, community service, and ethical sourcing programmes and conservation programmes carried out by Conservation Volunteers.

Entering is easy; the criteria can be found on the Social Responsibility page of the GYTA website and you can complete your entry using this short online form.

Are you making a positive impact? Do you want everyone to know about it? On September 26th at WYSTC in Dublin, it could be you.