Best Marketing Campaign

About the award

The youth, student and educational travel industry is well-known for producing creative, original and dynamic marketing campaigns. Over the last 12 months we have seen campaigns that have really stood out from the crowd.

The Best Marketing Campaign Award provides the opportunity for exceptional marketers to be recognised within the youth travel industry.

Two key factors for scoring will be:

  • Innovation beyond the single channel
  • Overall impact on the business.


Open to all youth, student and educational travel product and service providers.


We are looking for an innovative and successful marketing campaign, online sales initiative or use of technology that your organisation has developed, which inspires both travellers and other youth travel organisations. This might be a clever advertising campaign, a new way of engaging with your customers, a ground-breaking Facebook campaign or the successful harnessing of mobile technology.

Entry criteria

Entrants are judged on originality, creativity, innovation, an imaginative approach and effectiveness. Please provide evidence, specifically:

  • Background: outline the challenge you faced; you may wish to include information such as your market(s), customer(s), competition, insights developed, environment, processes, stakeholders, etc
  • Aims and objectives of the campaign
  • Overall plan and how it has been implemented
  • Evidence of collaboration with stakeholders; employees, customer and influencers; to include testimonials
  • Measurable results – eg information such as age increase in sales, webpage hits, followers or revenue
  • Customer expectations and how they were met or exceeded – eg improved customer experience, partnerships or customer engagement
  • Provide a brief summary of your project and include why you feel it deserves recognition as the best marketing campaign of the year.

Judging criteria

  • An innovative, original and creative approach that includes consideration of markets, challenges, competition and changing customer needs
  • Evidence of quantifiable aims/objectives and timelines
  • Relevance and justification of the marketing plan
  • Presentation of results and evaluation using relevant metrics eg return on investment, evidence of positive changes in customer behaviour, improved satisfaction in customers and other stakeholder groups or sustainable added value to the organisation.

2016 Winner

Last year’s winner of the award was STA Travel.

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