Outstanding Volunteer Project

About the award

The Outstanding Volunteer Project award looks to recognise and showcase outstanding volunteer projects/programmes in this growing industry segment.


Open all organisations (senders/receivers) in the volunteering industry.


Across the world, volunteer and travel projects are making a huge difference in a number of sectors, be it environmental, humanitarian, social or educational.

Annually, WYSE looks to recognise and showcase volunteer projects/programmes that stand out through key characteristics with an emphasis
on sustainability, responsibility and best practices in this growing industry segment.


The following factors are taken in to account when selecting the winner:

  • Financial and environmental sustainability
  • Promotion of civil society
  • Innovation or best practices
  • Results/achievements of the project/programme
  • Personal development of volunteers.

In addition:

  • All organisations providing volunteer abroad programmes can participate in this award
  • An organisation can submit multiple entries for the award
  • All entries must be in English only.

2016 Winner

Last year’s winner of the award was Greenheart Travel.

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